Payment Plans


Available for any spend totalling £99 or greater.

Choose your instalments up front: Under £300 maximum of 8 weeks or 2 monthly instalments, spend over £300 and this is up to 12 weeks or 3 monthly instalments.

Representative examples:

Spend £350- Deposit £50 and the remaining balance can be split over 12 weeks so £25 per week.

Spend £250- Deposit £50 and the remaining balance can be split over 8 weeks so £25 per week.

Spend £170- Deposit £50 and the remaining balance can be split over 8 weeks so £15 per week.

We offer payment plans for most of our goods to help our customers spread the cost of buying and we find customers love this option, please note this is not a financial agreement and no interest is chargeable. As we offer payment plans in this way there is a cost to our business in doing so therefore all payment plans are subject to the following conditions::


1) At the point of placing a deposit you have agreed to buy the goods, deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances and non transferable.

2) If for whatever reason you cancel your purchase then the deposit will be forfeited to cover our business costs and loss of potential custom on your particular item.

3) Deposits are £50 for goods up to £399 and for goods £400+ the deposit is £75. You can however make whatever additional initial payment you wish but this is the portion we regard as a deposit.

4) If the purchase is cancelled by yourself and there has been payments above the deposit amount the difference will be refunded. For all refunds processed in this way there is a £15 processing fee to cover administration and banking costs that will be deducted from any monies owed.

5) To meet strict regulatory criteria a maximum of 12 weekly instalments can be made. 

6) It is important to note weekly instalments must be maintained as agreed and failure to keep up with these could result in us cancelling your plan and forfeiting your deposit. If there is going to be an issue we must be notified in advance we are people and understanding. However due to regulatory issues we are unable to extend payment plans beyond the 12 instalments this is the maximum.

7) For your protection and ours all deposits are made into our business account with Lloyds. It is your responsibility to ensure you transfer to the account details given below. Your reference will be given to you prior to purchase for all transfers.

8) Goods becomes yours and can only be released when paid in full we do offer postal and delivery services also for additional cost.

9) By making a deposit you agree to these terms and conditions.


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