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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of sale
1.Terms and Conditions: These are the terms and conditions of our agreement which apply to all purchases of products by you from Babycaredirect ltd and our websites and you should read them carefully. We may vary these terms from time to time and therefore you should check them before you make a new purchase.
2.Order: You can submit an order for products to Babycaredirect ltd by completing the details required on our websites and completing the shopping cart checkout process. All prices are reflected in £UK Sterling and include VAT if applicable, providing delivery is to a location in the UK mainland. Orders outside of the United Kingdom mainland may be subject to an additional charge. Goods supplied are not for resale. We are under no obligation to accept your order, but would normally do so where the product is available, the order reflects current pricing and your credit card/debit card payment is approved by your credit card/debit card company.

2a. The display of any product on our website is in no way an offer by us to sell to you. It is your response that is the offer. Accordingly, we are not liable to sell you any product that might be quoted at a price lower than that meant by us.
3.Acceptance of order: We will notify you of our acceptance of your offer to purchase by email shortly after we receive it and at that point a binding agreement between us will be in place on these terms and conditions*. If we do not accept your order for any reason or the price of the product has increased between the time of the order and our acceptance of it (or if a supplementary delivery charge applies), we will email you to advise you of the change. You will then need to resubmit your order. Only credit and debit cards are acceptable as payment for orders via this site. Gift credit is not redeemable online.

*but subject to our right to withdraw such acceptance where your offer relates to goods that have been priced below that which we intended and/or where discounts have been applied or used in error.
4.Delivery: We make every effort to deliver all products within the United Kingdom within five working days of acceptance of your order. Where this is not possible, we will notify you and, unless we state otherwise, ensure that your products are delivered within 28 days from acceptance. This may not apply in respect of deliveries outside of the UK. All deliveries will be made to you at the address specified by you in the order which should be the same address as your payment card registration. We may, at our discretion and expense, deliver parts of your order separately. All deliveries must be signed for and you will be responsible for the products as soon as they are delivered and found to be in conformity to the contract. Ownership of the products shall pass to you once we have received payment in full. If we cannot deliver the products to you at the address you have specified for any reason (other than when we are at fault), we will notify you and store the products at your risk. If you wish us to redeliver the products to you, you will need to authorise us to charge your credit card/ debit card for such re-delivery. If we do not hear from you within 28 days, we will cancel the order and refund your payment to you less any reasonable delivery charges we have incurred.
5.Payment: For standard delivery we will charge your account for payment at the time that the order is dispatched for delivery to you We take every reasonable care to ensure that your order and subsequent transactions are conducted via a secure link. As we are not responsible for the operation of the secure link we will not, unless we are negligent, be liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party obtains unauthorised access to any information you provide via such link. If products are not available for any reason after we have accepted your order, we will let you know. We will not charge you for these products and will refund any amounts already paid (if any) by way of a credit to your credit card/ debit card.
6.Consumer Protection (Distance selling) Regulations 2000. Right to withdraw: You have the right to withdraw from this agreement and/or return your item for a refund, (online sales only) but this right ends fourteen days after the date we deliver the products to you. You will not have to pay for the products and any amounts you have been charged will be repaid to you by way of a credit to your account within thirty days. HOWEVER, we may have delivered (or dispatched) the products you have ordered. In this circumstance, you must return the products to us and pay the costs in doing so. To avoid this, we recommend that you advise us as soon as possible if you wish to exercise this right to withdraw. If you wish to withdraw, email us at orders@Babycaredirect.com ; or write to Babycaredirect ltd 8 Elvaston Park, Kingswood, Hull HU7 3JX; or complete the Contact  form which can be found under the 'contact ' link on all pages of our website. Any products returned must be received by us in the same condition and, to the extent possible, in the same packaging as when we delivered them to you. Please note that in addition to your right to withdraw, we operate an Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. You should read this policy as this gives you extra benefits. This Policy may be found under Returns Refunds Exchanges & Delivery page.
7.Warranties: The products which are sold via this web site have been designed to comply with the statutory legal requirements and relevant safety standards of the United Kingdom by the original manufacturer. We can therefore make no representation or warranty that any product is compliant with health, safety or other legal requirements which also applies outside the United Kingdom, unless delivery is within the EEA and common EEA Consumer Protection and Safety rules apply, and with of that Slo Go exercisers which have been designed to comply with the American ASTM standard for baby walkers, not the British standard. In essence, any of our used products may have expired their original manufacturer's warranty, therefore, we are unable to make representations as to how much past the warranty period a product will last and you as the buyer should make regular safety checks to check its suitability. As with any used product, it represents a huge saving on new but if you are looking for a product that offers a given expected usage life you should carefully read descriptions and choose a product that still has manufacturers warranty left. The item will be supplied fit for purpose upon delivery and suitable for its intended use however imperfections that do not affect safety are likely to exist, we cannot guarantee how long after delivery the product will remain in use where manufacturer warranty has expired. The majority of products will be covered for a period of between 14 and 30 days from delivery, from major defects in materials and workmanship. Please see our Returns Policy for more information. For our warranties please see Returns Refunds Exchanges & Delivery page of this website. We will replace products (or, where relevant, the faulty part) free of charge or, refund to you the price of the products by way of credit to your credit card/debit card. This only applies if the instructions governing the use of the products have been followed. We will not have any further liability in respect of the products. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. Unless otherwise stated in the description products will be outside of the manufacturer's warranty and therefore could be deemed beyond their reasonable usage shelf life. You should therefore satisfy yourself as to the suitability of the product within 14 days of receipt and before use and contact us if concerns arise. For the sale of used products, no liability is implied or accepted by any part of these terms and conditions for injury or subsequential losses as a result of any defect developing after the first use of the product. If the manufacturer's warranty has expired safety checks should be carried out before every use, and should you feel at anytime the product is no longer functioning correctly you should seek professional service or diagnosis at your own cost if outside the Babycaredirect ltd warranty. Should a manufacturing defect or fault occur after 14 days from receipt then the Babycaredirect ltd warranty below shall apply.

Babycaredirect ltd Warranty:
Additional terms

•This does not affect your rights if the product is faulty or misdescribed.
•The guarantee covers: All pushchairs, strollers & car seats and parts except service items such as but not limited to inflatable tyres, inner tubes, brakes, cables, bearings, fabrics or handle wear and tear and rain covers and cables.
•We will endeavour to provide matching fabric for repairs and/or spares, if this is not available we will provide coordinating colours.
•Where a repair is uneconomical, Babycaredirect ltd will offer a replacement product.
•Babycaredirect ltd may inspect the product and verify fault before offering a repair, replacement or refund. If misuse is suspected or damage however caused by you the customer then the warranty is void.
•This excludes cosmetic damage caused by the stroller platform. In the event of the pushchair or stroller going wrong due to the use of a non-matching brand stroller platform, this will invalidate the guarantee. Use of the products outside of manufacturers recommendations including overloading is not covered. You should always endeavour to maintain your product on a daily basis as per manufacturers recommended procedures. Damaged caused by cleaning, mis-storing e.g. Damp conditions is not covered. We recommend periodic servicing and cleaning which Babycaredirect ltd can provide as a chargeable service.

The guarantee does not cover:
•Damage caused by non domestic use.
•General wear and tear, for example; worn wheels, damaged rain covers, worn/torn fabric.
•Deliberate damage, misuse or neglect.
•Product which has been modified, undergone an unauthorized repair or used a non approved spare part.
•Car seats which have been involved in an accident. We recommend all car seats should be replaced if involved in an accident.
•Cosmetic damage.
•Matching accessories, e.g. change bags, cosytoes, stroller platforms.
•Loss incurred as a result of not being able to use a product whilst waiting for a spare part or repair. We can provide spare parts and repairs for damages which fall outside the scope of the guarantee. Prices are quoted on an individual basis. Please contact us for more details. To claim against the guarantee, Babycaredirect ltd guarantee and proof of purchase are required. Guarantee is invalid if such documents are not present.

The guarantee does not cover spares or repairs items or clearance, these are sold on a basis that there only use is spares or repairs.

Terms & Conditions of Competitions

Competitions: In deciding the winner for a competition Babycaredirect ltd decision is final. Babycaredirect ltd reserves the right to expel anyone from the competition for not adhering to the community guidelines listed on the Facebook page. Prizes will be delivered up to four weeks after the competition has closed for more information please us. By entering a competition online, you accept the terms and conditions outlined here and within the community guidelines.

Terms and Conditions of Use

It is important that you carefully read these terms and conditions of use before you register with Babycaredirect ltd because your use of our web site is subject to them.
1.Terms and Conditions: Thank you for using Babycaredirect.com, which is a trading name of Babycaredirect ltd. We provide services to you through our web site and other online media those services are provided to you on the basis of these terms and conditions. Please note that they may vary from time to time without notice to you. Current terms will be made available as soon as possible on the website. When you use our web site or any of our services you may be advised that special guidelines or rules apply. Unless otherwise stated, these guidelines or rules form part of these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions apply to all users (including casual browsers) whether or not the registration process has been completed.
2.Description of Services: You are able to benefit by using our web site from a large number of online services and resources which include information, online retailing, and any other services which we may add from time to time. We also may remove certain services from our web site. Certain services may have their own, additional special terms and conditions. These will be made clear to you before you use those services.

We may discontinue providing certain or all of the services on all or part of the web site at our discretion and without notice to you. We will, however, endeavour to let you know of this via our site.
3.Registration: Certain services are only available if you complete the registration process. By completing the registration process, you are stating that you are at least eighteen years of age or a minor with parental consent or that of a guardian to use our web site. Please note: All minors are recommended to discuss these terms and conditions with their parents or guardians before completing the registration process.

In return for you using our web site and benefiting from our services, you agree to: provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself where required in the registration form, and to ensure that this information is kept accurate, complete and up to date.
4.Code of Conduct: You are responsible for anything which you transmit or receive to, from or via or post on our web site. We do not control or screen the content of what is posted to, from or via our web site by our members or third parties, and accordingly we do not guarantee its accuracy, integrity or quality or that it will not be objectionable to you. You should not place any reliance on, nor will we be responsible or liable for anything which has been transmitted or received, or ought to have been transmitted or received but was not. You are not permitted to use our web site or any of our services for any reason or purpose which is unlawful, defamatory, harmful or objectionable and, in particular, you are not permitted to transmit anything which, in our opinion, harms our business or offends other users. You are not permitted to transmit to, from or via or post on our web site anything which you do not have a clear right to use. You must ensure that you do not transmit or post on our web site any material containing software viruses or files designed to damage or disrupt the good working order of any computer or telecommunications equipment.

You are not permitted to do anything which may disrupt in any way the operation of our web site and services, nor are you permitted to do anything which would disrupt the use and enjoyment of our web site and our services by any other user.

Other than as expressly permitted, by us in writing, you are not permitted to use our web site to engage in any commercial activity of any form. We may be entitled at our discretion to refuse or remove anything which is transmitted to, from or via or posted on our web site which, in our opinion, is objectionable or otherwise does not comply with these terms and conditions. We will not be liable at all for doing this. We may record preserve and disclose anything which has been transmitted to, from or via or posted on our web site and the services, where required by law or where we are acting in good faith.
5.Proprietary Rights and Licences: All text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, page layouts, design and other material that is contained on our web site or is part of our services, is protected by our and their copyrights, trade marks, service marks, patents or other proprietary rights and laws.

We own or are licensed to use all intellectual property rights (including all copyrights, patents, trade marks and trade secrets) in connection with and in all versions of the web site and our services, the software we use to operate the web site and services and any data (including data obtained from you during the registration process) generated by users of the web site and services. You are not permitted, except where expressly authorised to do so, to change, copy, store, publish, rent, licence, sell or distribute in any way any of these intellectual property rights.

When you transmit or post any material to or on our web site, you grant to us non-exclusive, world wide, perpetual, royalty free licence under your copyright and other intellectual property rights to use or display or distribute that material in any way without any duty at all to account to you.
6.Advertisements and Promotions: We may use our web site or any of the services we provide or in any of the correspondence we send to you to run advertisements promoting products and services we offer or any of its subsidiaries, or any person or corporation duly authorised by us to advertise or promote their product or services through us. Babycaredirect ltd or affiliate promotion codes can not be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offers.
7.External Links: We may provide or third parties may provide links or other web sites or resources. These are provided purely as a matter of convenience and we do not endorse the contents of those web sites. We are not responsible for the availability of these web sites, nor will we be liable in any way for any loss or damage which you may suffer by using those web sites. If you decide to access linked third party web sites you do so at your own risk.
8.Disclaimer of Warranties: You agree that:

8.1: your use of the web site and our services is at your sole risk. The web site and services are provided on an as is and as available basis. We expressly disclaim all conditions of any kind, including but not limited to conditions of title, fitness for a particular purpose, satisfactory quality and non-infringement of proprietary or third party rights;

8.2: to the extent that it is lawfully possible to do so, we make no warranty that (a) the web site and our services and/ or any information will meet your requirements, (b) your access to and use of the services will be error-free, (c) any errors or inaccuracies will be corrected. Further, if your use of the web site results in the need for servicing or replacing equipment or data, this will not be at our risk and expense; 8.3: no advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you through or from the web site or from our services will create any warranty not expressly stated in these terms and conditions. If you have any questions about the above, please contact us on 01482 879798, at sales@Babycaredirect.com or by writing to us at Babycaredirect ltd, 8 Elvaston Park, Kingswood, Hull HU73JX.
9.Indemnity: You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless from and against any claims, actions or demands (including any legal fees incurred in connection therewith) resulting from your misuse of our web site or your breach of these terms and conditions. We will notify you promptly of any such claim, action or demand and will assist you as may be reasonably necessary providing you meet our costs and expenses (including our legal fees).
10.Limitation of Liability: To the extent that we are lawfully able to do so, we will not be liable for any claims, losses and/ or damages of any nature resulting from: (a) your use or inability to use the web site; (b) the services we provide (except where we expressly state that we have responsibilities or liabilities in these terms and conditions) or other terms and conditions that relate to our other goods and/ or services we provide; (c) unauthorised access to or alterations of your transmissions or data; (d) statements or conduct of any third parties.

You agree that in no event will our liability arising out of or in respect of these terms and conditions exceed £UK 500 and that in no event will we be liable for any loss of profits, goodwill, loss of business, loss of data or any other indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever, whether or not arising from any negligence on our part.
11.Use and Storage: We may establish general practices and limits concerning the use of the web site and the services we provide, including limits to the size or number of e-mail messages you send or the time that messages may be stored or posted on our web site. We are entitled to delete any material at any time and we will not be liable in any way for deleting or failing to store or post any material which you may transmit to us.
12.Suspension and Termination: We may in our sole discretion suspend and/ or terminate registration or use of our web site or our services at any time and we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any loss or damages suffered on account of such suspension and or termination. Typically, we would only do this where you have not used our services for some time or if we believe that you have acted inconsistently with those terms and conditions. However, there may be other reasons why we would suspend and/ or terminate.
13.Trade Mark Information: BabyCareDirect registered trademarks belonging to Babycaredirect ltd. You agree not to display or use either or both in any manner.
14.General: These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between us in respect of the use of our services and of our web site and supersede any and all prior agreements, arrangements and representations (save in respect of those made fraudulently).

If any of these terms and conditions are found to be invalid then that provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions which shall remain fully enforceable. No waiver by us of any term shall be deemed to be continuing or shall be deemed to be a waiver of any other term.

You are not permitted to reproduce, sell or exploit for any commercial purpose any part of the web site or our services. These terms and conditions will be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

For up-to-date information on our services and all support facilities or if you are dissatisfied with our web site, our services or have any questions concerning these terms and conditions, please contact us on 01482 879798, at sales@Babycaredirect.com or by writing to us at Babycaredirect ltd, 8 Elvaston Park, Kingswood, Hull HU73JX.

Customer Ratings & Reviews Terms of Use

These Terms of Use govern your conduct associated with the Customer Ratings and Review service offered by Google, Facebook, or any other third party domain. To the extent of any conflict between Babycaredirect ltd Terms of Use, these Terms of Use shall control with respect to the CRR Service.

Please note that where any submission is made jointly by two or more individuals, the duties and liabilities referred to below apply jointly and severally to each of such individuals

By submitting any content about Babycaredirect ltd, you represent and warrant that:
•you are the sole author and owner of the intellectual property rights thereto;
•all "moral rights" that you may have in such content have been voluntarily waived by you;
•all content that you post is accurate;
•you are at least 13 years old;
•use of the content you supply does not violate these Terms of Use and will not cause injury to any person or entity.

You further agree and warrant that you shall not submit any content:
1.that is known or ought reasonably to be known by you to be false, inaccurate or misleading;
2.that infringes any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy;
3. that violates any law, statute, ordinance or regulation (including, but not limited to, those governing export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising);
4.that is, or may reasonably be considered to be, defamatory, libellous, hateful, racially or religiously biased or offensive, unlawfully threatening or unlawfully harassing to any individual, partnership or corporation;
5.for which you were compensated or granted any consideration by any third party;
6.that includes any information in whatever form that references directly or indirectly other websites, addresses, email or SMS addresses, contact information or phone numbers;
7.that contains any computer viruses, worms or other potentially damaging computer programs or files.

You agree to indemnify and hold Babycaredirect ltd (and its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, employees and third-party service providers,), harmless from all claims, demands, and damages (direct and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown including reasonable legal fees, arising directly or indirectly out of a breach of your representations and warranties set forth above, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.

For any content that you submit, you grant Rascal Babies a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable right and license to use, copy, modify, delete in its entirety, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from and/or sell and/or distribute such content and/or incorporate such content into any form, medium or technology throughout the world without compensation to you.

All content that you submit may be used at Babycaredirect ltd or its successor's sole discretion. Babycaredirect ltd or successor reserves the right to change, condense or delete any content on Babycaredirect ltd website, facebook page, or google page or that of a successor that Babycaredirect ltd or successor deems, in its sole discretion, to violate the content guidelines or any other provision of these Terms of Use. Babycaredirect ltd or its successor does not guarantee that you will have any recourse through Babycaredirect ltd or successor to edit or delete any content you have submitted. Ratings and written comments are generally posted within seven business days. However, Babycaredirect ltd or successor reserves the right to remove or to refuse to post any submission for any reason. You acknowledge that you, not Babycaredirect ltd or successor, are responsible for the contents of your submission. None of the content that you submit shall be subject to any obligation of confidence on the part of Babycaredirect ltd or successor, its agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, partners or third party service providers and their respective directors, officers and employees.

By submitting your email or SMS address in connection with your rating and review, you agree that Babycaredirect ltd or its successor and its third party service providers may use your address to contact you about the status of your review and other administrative purposes.

Manufacturer and other logos names

Babycaredirect ltd claims no affiliation or approval from individual manufacturers with regards to the sale of their product. Logos and names are only used to represent the stock Babycaredirect ltd is selling and was originally supplied by the manufacturers. No warranty liability is therefore implied by Babycaredirect ltd in relation to manufacturers outside of applicable laws and jurisdiction.

Customer Review Policy & Guidelines

Babycaredirect ltd takes our customer feedback very seriously, so we can continually improve our products for other parents and children.
1.All reviews, both good and bad, are read by the relevant buyers or product technologists and where appropriate they will work to improve the product based on customer feedback
2.We post all reviews just as the customer has written them, as long as they only refer to the product and do not contain offensive language. We reserve the right not to post reviews which could offend or mislead, for example reviews containing any of the following types of content:
◦Obscenities, discriminatory language, or other language not suitable for a public forum
◦Advertisements, "spam" content, or references to other products, offers, or websites
◦Email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, physical or geographical addresses or other forms of contact information
◦Unfair or improper critical, or spiteful, comments on other reviews posted on the page or their authors
◦Where a product has changed, we will edit or remove comments which no longer apply (both good and bad) so that other customers are not accidentally mislead
◦All submitted reviews are subject to the terms set forth in our Terms of Use

If you wish to share feedback with us about product selection, price match guarantee, ordering, delivery or other customer service issues, please do not submit this feedback through a product review. Instead, contact us directly.

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Price Check

We regularly check our prices against a variety of retailers to ensure that our products are competitively priced

If you find a product cheaper at any retailers, we will endeavour to beat that price.